Click on "recipes" above to see what you will need in order to complete buildings and upgrades for that area

go to our group page to see threads for the quest-lines and Maps for Temporary lands...
  "KNB - Advice line"

Group page also has a thread with "BONUS" that players have cut/paste...
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For Maps and Walkthrough's of all permanent and temporary lands, you can visit our googleDoc SPreadsheet provided by M'Lords and Ladies and updated daily

WARNING _ everything here is ALWAYS under construction as the dev's change things every week

Maps are listed in order by which the developers have them listed in your airship --> 

Click "airship recipes" above to see what will be needed when you get there

Lands Of the portal (earned in quest) :

      WEST CORNER         
      SOUTHERN CORNER       
      NORTHERN CORNER          

WIKI MAP for Dwarfville to the right-->  :  

       Only 4 permanent Airship lands can be open at once, so some players may have to colonize an open land before the Airship will allow travel to another.  

If you do not Mine all resources before colonizing  
there is a High probability you will run out of that resource at a later date....

My opinions and hints in regards to the Glory Race :

*>  if you only add through in game and not through Facebook You are handicapped.   You will never get as many visits, or as much glory from visiting as others who are willing to expand their FB Friends list.

*> To best serve your knights (and increase your dedication flow) -- however many idols you have, one should be a hollow leg, and the rest should be active jousters.   Feed the High quality +enhancing items to the jousters, and the steak, and other low stuff that the quests want you to make but are low in enhancement to the hollow leg.  <hollow leg = a knight who eats multiple times a day but doesn't joust often if at all>

*>  Save your Heraldry, Coins, and Lockets -- these collections give glory and can be saved indefinately, to be turned in during the week you are running.

*> Save (do not "accept") mail that you have received from dedications etc. -- This can be saved for 30 days, or up to 1000 of them.   If you have great knights, and start to get near 1000 before you get to 30 days, collect those that are LESS than 75. and continue to save the 75 & 100+.

*> when not running, click on wells, Practice Dummy, and other items that give the 3 collection pcs mentioned above.   This will pad the collections during the off weeks.

*> In preparation for a glory run - fill your closet with the 100fur - fur coat.   As many as you can fit.  You will need at least 5 for marquis and even more for the higher titles.

*> week of run, make sure you have your fur coat on when visiting, and click the square flower bed and other things that give the one clicking high glory.  

*> When a neighbor clickable (well etc) is maxed (total clicks received) put it in storage or hide it so that those coming to click, click items that still have room because golden hands only give glory to the one clicking.

OK so you know the item is earned in a questline... but what Quests / Missions do i Have to do to get it??
The reward is highlighted red, while the wiki links to detail the missions in the quest-lines are Blue

Questlines without a Specific Prize have links Below those with Reward s 

Some (if asked about often enough) are detailed in a thread on the group page.

Jolly Wagon is a reward for the ‘JOLLY WAGON’ quest (EIGHTH in the quest line). The FIRST mission in this quest line for KNIGHTS is called ‘MY SPRING’, for LADIES – ‘READY?’ The whole quest line is marked in the mission bar on the left by the green shield with a wagon.  < from level 8 >.

Sculptor Questline ends with Statue of King/Queen <lvl 13>

The Airship (or Blimp) is earned in the 3rd Mission of the Questline "Wandering Wind" for free, or can be purchased in the Market.  < from level 14 >

The Portal to Emptyland and Dwrfville is earned in the Questline with a key on green shield.  Starting with "a hole in the Universe"  <from level 13> 

<lvl 7> First Quest for Lady's Red Dahlia 

You will get the Malachite Toad by doing the very first quest in the toad quest line called "A Strange Meeting". The quest icon looks like a toad on a purple shield.  Once earned you will find the toad in your storage under the Other tab. <from level 17 >

Spring Tree is from the Harvest Festival <lvl 10>

"Barn & Chicken Coop" Questline Begins at Level 5

Rumors of Robbers <lvl 14> after completing Episode 2

Robbers Questline from Lvl 20

Geology <lvl 20 >  having unlocked ANY blimp land

"Adventure Questline "  begins when "completing the castle"

Blackwood Questline available once you've "made the Wind Rose"

Swampland available once the land is unlocked by Map & Colonization

" Beach Tournament "  is so far only for Plynga Version